7 Quick Solutions to Avoid Getting Doxxed on Twitch

Getting doxxed on Twitch can be avoided. Here is what you should do.

Gone are the days when gamers used to sit quietly in their rooms, isolated from the world outside. Today, every gamer has an account on twitch where they stream their gameplay.

The app was launched ten years ago to connect gamers all around the globe. Let's say it succeeded in doing so. Every minute more than two million people are active on twitch. Gamers can interact through twitch. On top of that, gamers can earn from their streaming sessions.

Yet all this fun and money comes at a cost: Doxxing on Twitch. Doxxing is an act of revealing private information online. This includes name, contact number, address, and pictures.

Doxxed information can be used to harass or torture you. You don't believe me? Read what happened with a famous twitch streamer, xQc.

The poor guy’s address got doxxed and went viral. The troll saw this as an opportunity to ruin his peace. Several police raids were intentionally called to his home. For this reason, the streamer left his Texan house and moved to Canada.

Doxxing on Twitch can be easily avoided. Here’s what you should do:

1. Use a Good VPN

If you truly care about your privacy, I suggest you always use a good VPN. VPN, also known as a virtual private network, has become a crucial part of our lives these days. It works by keeping your IP address hidden.

If you are wondering how hiding your IP address protects you from getting doxxed on Twitch. The answer is simple. Your IP address can tell hackers a lot about you. For example, your country, city, and even your zip code.

That means once your IP address gets traced, anyone can reach you. In the case of doxxing, such access can have deadly consequences. So next time, open your Twitch only when the VPN is on.

Some of the best VPNs include ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and ProtonVPN.

2. Use Two Factor Authentication

One thing that I appreciate about Twitch is its effort to protect its users' accounts. The two-factor authentication offered makes it easy for users to enjoy the app. Without worrying about their personal information being at risk.

This method protects your account by preventing login from a foreign device. When such a situation arises, it asks for two different verifications. One, your password, and then the code sent to your phone number.

So if somehow, a hacker gets your password, they can't log into your account. Unless they have access to your phone as well.

The oldest trick hackers use to access your data is through malicious software. They follow a very simple method of posting a link to some creepy software in the chat. Once you click on it, hackers get easy entry into your account to steal your information.

The question is, is there any way you can identify such links and protect your privacy? The answer is yes. Usually, such links are accompanied by fake giveaway offers. Or they might fake themselves as Twitch support staff. When you receive such a link in chat, make common sense, your best friend.

Try not to be greedy and click on links offering free stuff. Remember that nothing comes free of cost. Pay close attention, report any chat that seems fishy to you, and chill.

4. Make Separate Social Media Accounts to Connect with Twitch Users

If you are famous on Twitch, chances are your viewers would want to follow your social media accounts. Be it Twitter or Instagram. My advice is to keep your accounts private from your Twitch fans.

If you really want to connect with your Twitch fans on other social media apps. I have one suggestion for you. That is separate accounts to engage with your fans. Keep those accounts professional and post as little personal information as possible. For example, if you are posting a picture of yourself, don't put it in your location.

Before posting anything, look closely for anything that might reveal your identity. Like, a signboard that says your house address. Sometimes, your family can also become a victim of doxxing because of you. So, avoid posting pictures with your family and tagging them.

5. Better Not Reveal Your House Address

Being a twitch user, I've seen viewers asking streamers for their house addresses. Being their fans they wish to send them gifts or an appreciation letter. I know it sounds cute but such address reveals can make you a victim of doxxing.

Don't be disheartened though. You can still connect with their viewers on a personal level. Just trust me and get a p.o box address, especially for your Twitch fans' mail. This way you can have fun with your viewers while maintaining your privacy.

6. Practice Good Password Hygiene to Avoid Doxxing on Twitch

One day I was going through some password statistics and came across some shocking facts. 43% of the US population has shared their passwords with someone. Another 45% are so lazy that they never changed their passwords. Even after their privacy got breached.

Well, guess what happens when you act so irresponsibly? Your accounts get hacked, and you become a victim of doxxing. If you do not want such a fate, make sure you practice good password hygiene.

That means:

  • Using unique passwords for each social media app, including Twitch.
  • Changing your Twitch account's password regularly.
  • Not using commonly guessed codes like 0000 or 1234.
  • Not using your birth date or other easily accessible information as your password.

7. Share as Little Personal Details as Possible

Does your favorite Twitch streamer have his real identity hidden? If yes, you must have wondered why they do that. Well, I am about to tell you exactly why. The reason they do is the fear of getting doxxed.

When streaming or chatting with fans on Twitch, you must keep your identity hidden. How can you do that? Just do what I have been for years. That is:

  • Do not reveal your real name, even when someone asks you to.
  • Do not share information about your family.
  • Never reveal where you work or study.

Remember that any piece of information that seems harmless to you can do a lot of damage. Sometimes, revealing an innocent thing like your birth date can put you at risk of getting doxxed.

Twitch is no doubt a heaven for all the gamers out there. But it doesn't take long for this heaven to become hell. Doxxing on Twitch is one serious issue and has been a trouble for its users. The Twitch workers try their level best to stop doxxing and harassment.

Stopping every troll is impossible though. To avoid getting doxxed on Twitch, we have to do everything in our capacity to keep our identity hidden.