Can you get Doxxed on Roblox?

Can you get doxxed on Roblox? Yes! This is a guide on How to prevent doxxing on Roblox. Learn doxxers tricks and avoid them now!

So what exactly is Roblox? Roblox is deemed to be the imagination platform where players from all over the world gather to play numerous games and interact with each other in various ways. It’s easiest to think of Roblox as a stage which allows for the creation of many different games to be built using certain features that have a similar boxy feel to them.

Players may wish to create their own games or just play the thousands upon thousands of unique games which are already provided by the players. Roblox puts a great emphasis on the creators; and the avatar. The avatar is the protagonist that the player creates and which other players on the server see and interact with.

During the Covid pandemic and lockdowns that occurred from early 2021, Roblox saw a massive surge of players with a rise of over 164 million users. Children, teens as well as adults found a way to interact with others virtually; substituting for the lack of interaction that occurred in real-life.

Some items in Roblox are bought with real-life money, referred to as Robux which is the currency that is used to buy in-game items as well as customization objects for your Avatar. Also, trading items with other real-life players is a chief activity on the platform.

Beware though, Roblox might look all fun and games but the doxxers hide behind those boxes!

A Roblox doxxer phishes for user account details to gain access to user-accounts. In most cases, this will take the form of asking for the email address or password associated with a username via private or in-game chat.

Infamous Roblox voice chat

Most recently, there has also been the addition of the infamous Roblox voice-chat feature. At first, the principal worry was that a lot of excitable children were going to turn the platform into some kind of screaming frenzy that occurs on Xbox live streams; but there are bigger fish to worry about!

Doxxers on Roblox can easily gain access to your IP address and use the voice chat feature to leak your location and other personal details which can be detrimental. One of the most disturbing revelations is that Roblox, which is notorious for being doxxed on a regular basis, has introduced a so-called security system called Veriff.

Veriff requests highly personal information from any user wanting to use the voice chat feature. It requests photograph identification, passport identification, residency documents and or driving licence(s). Talk about handing over the bait! Although this first seems like great precautions taken by Roblox; it makes it that much more convenient for doxxers to gain access to compiled and compact information about a user at any given time and easily leak it or use it to attain access to Roblox accounts.

Veriff apparently, has you click a link that reads;; but it should be called Perhaps the voice-chat feature should be avoided all together.

Keep the doors locked shut against Doxxers

If you want to avoid being a victim of a Roblox doxxing attack, do not share your account or personal information.

Another issue is that there are no age restrictions for players and Doxxing becomes a lot easier for these predators. The reality is Roblox doxxers don't always operate at a very high level, despite what they might claim. They can gain access to user information, by using gaming interactions to trick youth into giving it to them voluntarily. To reiterate, never divulge any account details or personal information to other players. Whenever a random person asks for information, treat it with great suspicions.

Of course, the problem is this is often done in a more indirect manner by the use of sketchy URL links, emails or false promises. Remember to never click away from the Roblox main page and ensure that all pages you click are from the official website; as there may be pages which resemble Roblox but actually are deceptive emulations of the original website.

Since Roblox deals with real-life money for trading currency, it makes account information that much more demanding.The repercussions of doxxing on a platform like this is much greater and doxxing becomes more prevalent due to the rewards of selling or accessing such information.

Players may even lose access to their accounts entirely, doxxers could end up erasing all unlockables and friends as a form of cyberbullying. It is also possible for real money to be on the line if users have purchased premium items or currency. This can also be done through direct messaging; where attackers could impersonate someone or create the illusion of being friendly to the individual.

Follower bots

There is a big part of Roblox that involves creativity, but it's challenging for new users to gain recognition without followers. The rumored Roblox follower-bot would be very tempting in this situation. However, are they real? Can they be trusted? Botting has become another doxxing method; doxxers may pose as Roblox staff or bots that can help you with various followers or tasks; when really they could be phishing out your information through email, direct messaging or other forms of indirect coercion. Be aware that it might not be worth interacting with the follower-bots at all.

There are ways to make yourself safer on Roblox. Here are some precautions that can be taken. First, learn how to adjust privacy settings. When creating an account, the user can set the privacy settings based on his/her age. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the settings, which are located on the user's profile page. There is an account pin which can be set to enter an account and safe ways to securely sign out. Always sign-out especially when using other devices.

Reporting/ blocking features

This is nothing new but worth mentioning. Any user who finds inappropriate content or feels uncomfortable with another user on Roblox can report it to the website.

Other profiles can be reported if they violate Roblox rules. Here's how to report Roblox issues:

By clicking on a player's name and selecting Block Player or Report Abuse, players can report or block the player during the game. By selecting the violation and adding a comment through the drop-down menu, users will be able to add their comments.

In general, you can make a doxxers life much more difficult by concealing your personal information. Ensure you are using various passwords and usernames and do not recycle or reuse old account names and passwords; as discrepancy is a doxxers worst nightmare.

Try using a great VPN server like ExpressVPN to conceal your IP address and ensure that you and your location are not compromised.

Look out for fishy looking links and emails; and don’t trust anyone on Roblox. This is pragmatic paranoia; paranoia at its best.

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