Can You Trade Without Steam Mobile Authenticator?

Steam Mobile Authenticator is a two-factor authorization app that helps secure accounts for trading on the Steam platform. This is why you should not avoid it.

There is no way if you are a joystick junky that you aren’t aware of the Steam platform. With time, the gaming industry revolutionized by getting more tech-savvy and introducing more gaming features. Everyone is obsessed with Netflix and Amazon prime because it provides a pool of different series and movies.

The Steam platform also resonates much like it. You have access to thousands of games, trading stuff, and several gaming communities.

What is Steam?

The company Valve launched the gaming platform in 2003 with over 150 million active users. It's one of the most leading platforms in the category of pc gaming. Not only for playing, but the platform enables you to sell, buy and store games.

Steam is also not only famous for playing, storing, and selling games but you can also utilize it for trading, game demos, and interaction in the communities of other gamers and players. It accepts games from third-party publishers. You can upload and sell your game on Steam in case you are a developer.

How To Run Steam?

The Steam platform is a cloud computing-based platform holding a pool of thousands of games. To get on Steam, you have to download the Steam engine app on your pc. You can sign up for free and get access to gaming communities, thousands of games, and other features.

The advantage of using Steam is you don't have to download lots of games that can take massive space on your pc, and any gamer can play directly on the platform.

How Steam changed the gaming industry?

You cannot deny the fact that cloud computing changed the gaming industry and made it easier for gamers like you by avoiding the purchase of high space disks. Based on cloud computing software, Steam provides you with many more features than any other platform or a single game that has several updates.

Steam provides you with several features like community space to actively engage with other gamers. Likewise, you get access to thousands of your favorite games to play without downloading any of them. And most importantly, the feature of trading collectibles, where you can sell and buy collectibles with your friends.

What is Steam trading?

You might have noticed that you may get a trading card when playing a game on Steam. How should you handle it? If you are missing some good opportunities.

Whenever you level up on certain games on Steam, you get virtual cards that you can trade. You can also merge these cards to get a single badge. The trading is not only limited to cards, but you can also trade game copies, in-game pieces, etc.

If you are confused about whether your items are tradable or not, check them in the inventory. You can find the inventory option on the right bottom of the panel.

How can you do Steam trading?

Here is how you can trade on Steam:

  • Log in to your account on the Steam application
  • Click on your username on the right, which will open a dropdown menu
  • Click on "inventory." From there, you can manage your inventory.
  • You can see all the tradable items on your page.
  • You can also start trading with your friends by pressing "New trade offer…."
  • Checklist the items you want to trade and also checklist items on "Their inventory."
  • Once you choose the items, click on "Confirm trade content."
  • Press "Make an offer" at the bottom of the panel.

With this, you will be able to send your trade offer to your friend. In return, he can send you too.

What is Steam mobile authenticator?

Your mobile Steam app holds an extra layer of security to the Steam account. This authenticator creates a code that you must enter while logging into a Steam account. Every 30 seconds, the codes automatically change and you can never guess it.

According to Steam, this is more secure than 2-factor authentication. You will have to use your phone number for this authentication. Adding your phone number to your account makes it more secure and easy to recover in case you lose your account.

How to set up Steam Authenticator?

To setup Steam guard authenticator:

  • Open the app on your phone
  • Navigate to the menu on the left by tapping the icon
  • Click on "Tap menu" at the top of the panel. It will open the guard setup.
  • Press on "Add authenticator."
  • Set your country code and enter your phone number

You will receive a confirmation code. Enter that code. You will also have to enter a recovery code. You will get a unique code when the authentication factor is successfully enabled. Next time when logging into your account, you will have to enter this code.

You can also remove the authenticator from the same page. But it is recommended to have code. This method makes your account much more secure.

Can you trade without Steam mobile authenticator?

Yes, it's possible to trade without an authenticator on Steam, but the exchange is held back for a maximum of 15 days. If your account gets verified with Steam guard authentication, you can trade without hesitation. During the hold back, you also don't have any access to any community.

What if I don't have access to the Steam Mobile Authenticator?

If you have lost your recovery code, you will contact Steam support. Press the button "Help me with issue" to resolve the authentication issue.

How to bypass Steam market restrictions?

To remove the Steam restriction, you will have to pay $5 to Steam. It's not necessary to spend but to authenticate. The other way to bypass Steam market restriction is through Steam gift cards. You will be able to use the market and communicate with the community after seven days.

Is VAC ban permanent?

VAC means Valve Anti Cheat. This is an automated software that finds cheats on computer systems. Modifications made by third parties that knowingly give one player an advantage over another trigger a ban by the VAC.

The VAC ban is permanent and cannot be lifted by Steam Support. If  Steam imposes a VAC ban without any specific reason on your account, it will lift it soon. You can't trade and engage in communities. In short, you are permanently restricted to use the platform.

Can I Accept Gift Trades Without Steam Guard Authentication?

You can't trade without the Steam guard authentication. Any Steam user without Steam guard authentication has to wait for seven days. If you want immediate trading make sure to turn on your Steam guard application.

How To Run Steam Authenticator On PC?

  • Download the .NET framework and install it on your PC
  • Extract the file to a folder with a proper name. Don't delete any file out of it.
  • Click on Steam Desktop Authenticator.exe
  • Log in to your Steam account. You must have a phone to receive the code.
  • The system might show you encryption to ensure that no third party can steal your data. Check that off. (It’s optional but strongly recommended).
  • View your current log-in code by selecting your account from the list. Click trade confirmations to view pending trade confirmations.
  • For your safety, be sure to get Steam Guard backup codes.

How Can I Disable Steam Guard 15 Days Restriction?

If your Steam account is limited, you can't use the Steam Community Market. In order to remove this restriction, you must have spent $5 on Steam. A Steam gift card or $5 added to your account (you don't have to pay for it) is the only way to activate it without making a purchase.


In a nutshell, the Steam platform enables passionate gamers to play different games. There is nothing wrong with the activation of the Steam game mobile authenticator. It protects and secures your account from getting hacked. You must have a phone number to activate your Steam guard, so you efficiently perform trading with your friends and engage in communities.