Do Password Managers Work Offline?

Not all password managers work offline. What are the best offline password managers? Find out which one to install to stop getting hacked!

All those passwords! Ahhhhh! That's where the password manager comes in. Like a Pokedex for those codes, it's gotta catch them all!

Why bother with a password manager?

So if you want to get your hands on an offline password manager, read on where we explain why it’s important to encrypt and store those never-ending lists of passwords and break-down the best offline password managers to protect your privacy, your bank and your pockets, today!

The password manager works by retrieving those complex numbers through encryption and the storage management of any number of passwords at the same time. The process of encrypting them is so that hackers cannot access the passwords; but you can! Keep those scoundrels out! It can help you retrieve even the strongest passwords or even sensitive information like credentials for online banking or credit card logins, usernames and passwords; the ultimate virtual memory device.

There used to be a time where you only had a few passwords to remember; perhaps one for your email account and another for a few other websites. Nowadays, thanks to the diverse range of websites and applications; one password that is some kind of obscure blend of your birth year and address; simply won’t cut it.

In a security survey conducted by Google in 2019, it was found that 52% of people recycled their passwords for multiple platforms.

Doxxers use the dark web to buy dumps of stolen passwords. These Cybercriminals can breach accounts by using your old passwords. The issue is people seem to use passwords that are easy to remember but also easy for computer systems to guess. This is problematic since it’s computer systems that hack passwords for humans; not the other way around. This is why password managers are great as they decrypt and encrypt your dull passwords into masterpieces; it’s like converting the Super Mario theme tune into a Beethoven's symphony (not that we don’t love that tune).

The great thing is with a password manager you only need to remember the master password. You can use a cloud-based password; which you can access for all of your devices.

Do password managers work offline- yes they do!

You can also have access to password managers offline which enables you to store passwords without an internet connection. RoboForm and Nord pass are some of the best password managers out there. You can find a list of exceptional password managers here; Compare the Best Password Management Software Solutions of 2022 ( Their password managers have many features; such as being able to generate multiple passwords by allowing the user to login with one stored login credential.

Some Excellent Offline Password Managers


Keepass is another excellent password manager which has an offline feature which also allows password lists that can be exported in various formats, including CSV, HTML, TXT, and XML.By using this feature, users can move their files to a new computer or to the cloud for archiving; it can be used on both Mac and Windows devices interchangeably.

Password safe

Using Password Safe, you can encrypt passwords for your Amazon, Bank, email, and membership accounts.When a user uses the same password on multiple websites, Password Safe alerts them.Hackers have accessed the PayPal and bank accounts of hundreds of thousands of online users because of this mistake.

The portable version of Password Safe is compatible with Windows 7. On Windows, Linux and MacOSX, it provides safety in English, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Korean and German.


Among the best offline password managers is 1Password. It comes in two subscription types: Individual and Family. 1 A password can also serve as an online storage account for backing up important documents. 1Password offers the convenience of using the same account across a range of devices. Additionally, users are able to retrieve deleted passwords and items that were deleted within 365 days. A great advantage of this is that entrepreneurs can easily regain lost customer and supplier contacts. With 1Password, you can also protect your password database using two-step authentication.

Enpass Password Manager

Freebies are great! No dimes necessary for this one, as Enpass password Manager is free to use! The great thing about this is that; you can review all your codes as much as you need to before using it. Another great perk is that it comes with browser extensions for Chrome, Mozilla and Safari; adding an extra layer of protection at the click of a finger.

Enpass will automatically store all of your login details when you sign-up to a website. It will keep all of your passwords in its advanced encrypted database system. It’s also available for both Windows and Linux

As a cherry on the top, there is also a mobile application; which is crucial as most people tend to use their smartphones for most of their logins for social media, banking and more. You can find it in both the play store for Androids or in the App store for iOS devices.

Enpass can also be used to back-up important files on Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.


So it’s clear that the current trend is to target smart-phone users more so than Desktops. This is because people tend to be a little more unaware of Password management tools that could be used on their phones. Roboform offers great protection on smartphones for high-security apps like PayPal, Skrill and Amazon accounts. It too can be found on both Android and iOs devices as well as Windows smartphones and the BlackBerry. It also has a helpful notification feature which provides additional tips on effective password creation. It alerts you if you use the same password multiple times; it should be called Robocop.


If you’re a bit more tech-savvy you could opt for Passacre. This one is more suitable for intermediate to advanced computer programmers, as it requires some working knowledge of Command-Line along with the installation of Python before using it.

Its benefits are that it is relatively much smaller in size and can run smoothly in the background while the user adheres to other tasks.It generates different passwords for the user so that they don’t have to think of them themselves. Passacre works by generating a wide range of passwords from one single password. Therefore, a long list of passwords do not need to be exported; providing a streamlined experience.

We hope you found this guide to Offline Password managers useful. For more information about keeping those doxers out of your accounts and out of your pockets; check out our other blog posts; this is not paranoia, it’s Pragmatic Paranoia; paranoia at its best!