How To Avoid Getting Doxed On Telegram

Can you avoid being doxxed? Doxing on Telegram: What is it and How to Avoid Being Doxxed On Telegram.

If you've got one thing in life, it's your reputation. Having a bad name is something nobody wants but everyone can suffer from.

Think of some of the most actively used social media platforms, and indeed, Telegram wouldn't fail from making its place in this list. It’s well-known that Telegram is one of the most secure messaging apps available, with a focus on security and privacy for its users. However, it’s not just about keeping your personal data safe from prying eyes.

Doxxing on Telegram is a big problem that plagues this instant messaging app. Doxing refers to the act of uncovering someone's private information online without their consent. It involves targeting selected individuals, gathering personal information about them, and sharing it on the Internet.

How To Avoid Getting Doxed On Telegram

Can You Get Doxed on Telegram?

Doxing on Telegram isn't a new thing, but it's getting more popular lately. Doxing can happen to anyone and it's an unfortunate reality. You might have familiar with the Elicia case, the Singaporean girl whose photos were shared with members of a Telegram group chat full of mostly men.

When Elicia Yeo learned that one of her Instagram photos had been shared with 40,000 members of a Telegram group chat full of mostly men, she was shocked!

“Guys sharing screenshots of girls’ Instagram photos, which other members will make lewd comments on,” said the 19-year-old Singapore Polytechnic student.

The Polytechnic student adds that there were also men sharing naked photos and videos of girls, probably without their consent. And some men were offering to sell nudes or explicit videos of their exes.

This is just one piece of an instance of this threat.

There are research published on NCBI from Hong Kong reveals "the most common forms of doxing are social and hostile doxing". Indeed, Doxing is a growing problem on Telegram. If you or someone you know is getting doxed on the platform, here's how to protect yourself.

Increased Vulnerability of Getting Doxed on Telegram

From the networking angle, telegram incorporates higher complexity than Messenger or Whatsapp. It is because of its extensive networking through several chatbots, groups, and channels. Recently, data from checkpoint claims to have found 130 cyber-attacks and the platform through which malware of these cyber attacks was managed is a telegram. Even after being a trusted platform, telegram provides several benefits to hackers.

The doxers on telegram can easily create new bots and channels without disclosing their actual identity, making attribution or identification even more difficult. It, therefore, provides them a relatively safe ground.

A new incident of doxing on telegram relates to your @username. If you have saved your acquaintance's contact by his real name and he hasn't saved his @username in his telegram profile, then if you tag him on a telegram group, his real name will appear instead of his telegram ID.

This way, everyone present in the group can easily discover your full name, and your chances of getting doxed on telegram will increase.

Learn How to Safeguard Your Identity & Privacy on Telegram

1. Protect Your Identity by Using @Username.

If you wish to protect your real name on telegram groups and channels, here comes the solution! Once you create your telegram ID, remember to set a unique @userame that does not contain your private information. It will secure your real name; otherwise, if anybody has saved your contact with your real name and tags you in the group, your real name will appear instead of your telegram ID name.

2. Review privacy settings and disable

Applications like Telegram are vulnerable to users who abuse privacy settings. Here's a list of steps you can take to prevent getting doxed and keep your account secure.

Phone number

1. On your mobile phone, open the Telegram Messenger application and tap the three bars on the top left corner.

2. Tap Settings > Privacy and Security

Tap the desired setting

3. Scroll down to Privacy and Security Settings.

4. Under Privacy, review who can see your phone number, who can find you by your number, and calls. If you are concerned about privacy, disable both options as follows:

5. To disable who can see my phone number, tap - "Nobody".

6. To limit who can find me by my number, tap - "My Contacts".

Last seen & online

We recommend you keep your last seen and online status set to "nobody".

Profile photo

We recommend that you not use a real photo of yourself, and limit your profile to what is shared with your “contacts” by setting it to - "My Contacts".

3. Enable Two-Step Verification

If you log into Telegram using your phone number and confirmation code, your account is at risk of getting doxed. Because anyone who gets access to your phone can find the code easily. The best way to save yourself is to enable double-step verification by following the given steps:

  • First of all, log in to your Telegram account.
  • Click on the "menu" button present in the top-right corner
  • Open the "settings" and tap on "Privacy and security."
  • Tap on the "two-step verification" option.
  • Create a password with a smart combo of characters, digits, and symbols.
  • Now it's time to insert your email id and click on the "green check" icon.
  • Eventually, tap on the "confirmation link" present in your email inbox.

Once you have enabled two-step verification for your telegram account, anyone who tries to log into it will need both your password along the security code.

4. Check Your Active Sessions.

Checking your active session on Telegram helps you count how many people have access to Telegram except you. If you haven't turned on active sessions yet, here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the "setting", and enter the "privacy and security" option.
  • Tap on the "active sessions" to know how many people have access to your account except you.
  • If you encounter any suspicious device you have no idea about, remove it immediately.
  • Eventually, you can change your password and always check the active sessions to stay safe.

Pro-Tip: Do not click on "terminate all other sessions"; otherwise, you will be logged out of your account. Consider removing unknown devices one by one.

5. Set A Strong Password

Imagine if you didn't have Telegram locked, and someone used this opportunity to access your personal information. That would be terrible! This situation takes you one step closer to being doxed on Telegram! Therefore, always set a password and keep it strong with a combination of symbols, letters, and digits.

Follow the steps to secure your telegram app:

  • In "settings," click on "Privacy and security."
  • Navigate "passcode lock" and enter your password.
  • Please re-enter the password to confirm it
  • Also, Enable the fingerprint lock for robust security

6. Beware of Phishing

Doxers often use Telegram to phish for user information. You might receive a message from Telegram saying that your account has been blocked, and it asks you to confirm your identity by following a link.

If you receive a telegram account that is asking for your identity confirmation, remember that Telegram is a secure messaging platform. Do not ever click on any links received by such accounts. Also, look for the blue check marks next to the account name; it means that the account is official and verified. Remember that you can also report and block fake accounts.

Final Words

Digital security is of paramount importance in the online world of 2022 and beyond. Doxing is a serious threat to cyber security, and studies conducted at NYU Tandon School of Engineering show that the usernames of about 40 percent of victims are revealed publicly without their consent. Such cybercrimes are now spreading to almost all social media sites, and apps and telegram is no exception. Securing your personal information and data should be your priority in such situations.