How to Avoid Getting Doxxed on 4Chan

Doxxing, especially on 4chan where anonymity prevails, is a fatal threat to your privacy, integrity, and confidentiality. This article will teach you ways to stay secure from the attacks.

4chan Founder Christopher Poole at a 2008 convention

Beth, a victim of doxxing, wrote a reply in a blog related to doxxing, I was done this way and have had a very difficult time recovering. Nobody would help me. It was horrible. My kids got threatened, and I was placed on porn sites. It was horrible. I would give anything to find out who or why so I can move on.”  

Doxxing, especially on 4chan where anonymity prevails, is a fatal threat to your privacy, integrity, and confidentiality. Everyone on the internet has a likelihood of getting doxxed. Doxxing can ruin you for good. It’s often accompanied by public shaming, exposure to legal actions, physical harm, critique, trauma, etc.

You can get doxxed and busted on 4chan whether you are a user or not. However, doxxing on 4chan mainly causes undesirable consequences. This article will teach you ways to stay secure from the attacks.

What is Doxxing

Doxxing also (doxing) is a form of malicious documentation of personal information without consent. Although not always, doxxers typically use the information for unpleasant cyber attacks. Most 4chan users are renowned for their cyber mob attacks like prank cellular calls, sequences of offensive email messages, and personal physical attacks on the victim.

4chan in a Nutshell; As an Epitome of Doxxing

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4chan gives users such a freestyle vibe to post as they wish. The content, most of which are multimedia, aims to provocate and disgust the victim. It’s the advent of global movements and activist groups.

Its perceived anonymity has seen users post erotic and offensive adult content; photos, videos, GIFs, and graffiti. Cruel jokes accompany most of the engagements.

During Trump’s campaign, the 4chan far-right activists hijacked the platform to propagate hatred propaganda. Propagandists generated lots of racist memes and cartoons.

A 4chan’s /pol/ board image

How to Avoid Getting Doxxed on 4chan

1. Use anti-malware security product

Every time you post on 4chan, make sure your connection to the site is secure. 4chan may not be compromised, but it might get misconfigured or taken over. Always beware of such occurrences to minimize chances of getting doxxed.

2. Avoid accepting cookies as much as possible

Cookies allow your browser to track every activity you do online on the web. But with sophisticated tools like Chrome’s Privacy Badger and Tor, you can always determine whether your connection to 4chan is secure right then. With these tools, you can still be traced but will require a lot of effort, perhaps if legal investigations are ongoing. No 4chan user would supposedly go that far anyway.

3. Cut off data brokers

At some point, as a 4chan user, your data is available somewhere in the platform server. Other web servers have your information too. In as much as copyrights, patents, and intellectual property rights, among others, protect you, and they are always bound for infringement.

The parties that store and collate your information are the data brokers. Your interaction on 4chan is of interest to a potential doxxer. How many times have you keyed in data in a survey about your favorite gamer in 4chan?

You have probably participated in a competition or activist movement mobilization on “/b/ board” and “/pol/.” The enticement provides a doxxer access point for buying data from the broker who collected your data. That’s how they sell your information. So what do you do? Simply stop falling victim to such incentives.

Strange links usually carry spyware and other malware. The effect of triggering the potential of these links might put you in life-threatening situations.

5. Avoid heeding insecure advice

Beware of unsafe suggestions and opinions on 4chan. A 2014 post ruled the internet when it suggested that viewers should microwave their cellular phones to activate a hidden feature. You better trust your skeptical instinct and be on the safe side.

6. Don’t be too susceptible to offend

Anonymity can’t guarantee you of not getting doxxed. Do not provoke doxxers, anyway. Can you relate well to the Burger King Foot lettuce? An employee posted a photo on 4chan with their feet planted in the lettuce containers of the restaurant. Shortly after, the curious 4chan users had known the particular restaurant.

4chan users tend to mock almost anyone with a slightly different suggestion or opinion on discussions. Yet mostly, they are not that serious, as people communicate there.

Why Do People Get Doxxed on 4chan?

Doxxing on 4chan usually happens because of ignorance and carelessness. You become complacent and consequently create vulnerabilities and risks. By so doing, you self-dox.

Upon reading all the above, you should learn a lot. Always take precautions measures before engaging on 4chan.

Here’s the summary of this post;

You have to consider using an anti-malware security product. Refrain from accepting every cookie when logged into 4chan. Beware of data brokers who collect and collate your information. Do not link unfamiliar links anyhow. Avoid heeding every other advice you come along with the 4chan platform like medical-related responses and suggestions. Don’t inquire about a “personal army” because you won’t like the aftermath.

Although the internet gifts you the freedom of self-expression, it also gives other 4chan users the freedom to access your information. That’s why you should have filters for what you post about yourself. Otherwise, you will fall victim to such doxxing incidents as profiling or even identity theft.

Doxxing can endanger your reputation, dignity, privacy, confidentiality, and life. To minimize or avoid these problems altogether, you should provide your information on 4chan with care.