How to Avoid Getting Doxxed on WhatsApp

Do you find yourself in trouble after a malicious doxxer stole your chats? There are ways of mitigating the vulnerabilities and threats that may victimize you.

Most of you often find yourself in trouble after a malicious doxxer stole your chats? Or your soulmate busted you inboxing your “Crush?” Unfortunately, so far, there is no click-of-a-button way of avoiding doxxing on WhatsApp. Yet you get doxxed almost daily, perhaps or not, daily. But there are ways of mitigating the vulnerabilities and threats that may victimize you.

In this article, I will take you through steps to avoid doxxing on Whatsapp. These simple guidelines need your attention and seriousness because you tend to ignore most of them.

How to Avoid Getting Doxxed on WhatsApp

Do not Share too much

Most of you use WhatsApp daily. Being a group member causes much vulnerability to malice. A malicious stranger can send links containing forms that require you to enter personal details. If you get a spammy message, avoid opening or forwarding it. Read more here for further help.

Another way hackers trap you into doxxing on Whatsapp is by enticing you with giveaways. After subscribing, your data is stolen and may be used against you.

Avoid Sharing Personal Information

With Whatsapp web, you can log into your account with a tablet, laptop, or desktop. As long as you are online, your internet and IP addresses are all over. Malicious hackers can easily acquire your encrypted data using these addresses.

You should always stick to using your android devices, whereby encrypted data is relatively safe when that happens. If you must use your PC, invest in data encryption software, like IBM Guardium, for privacy and anonymity.

Vary Passwords and Usernames

Doxxing on WhatsApp becomes easier when you use prolonged common passwords and usernames. It is advisable to use unique and varying credentials. Whenever you suspect doxxing, change your password immediately.

Changing usernames denies malicious stalkers chances of using it elsewhere to mine your data. Remember, one company owns and manages Messenger, Facebook, Oculus, and Instagram. Such is enough red alert for you to occasionally vary your WhatsApp username to “confuse” your stalker(s). Avoid using either of your names as a trick to avoid anyone locating or tracking you.

Use Strong, Secure Passwords

WhatsApp allows you to use fingerprints, eyes, PIN, and patterns to lock and unlock your account. Make sure you use strong and unique credentials. It is recommended to use at least 6 and at most 12 alphanumeric and special characters.

Mix lower and upper case letters. You can also use password manager tools to generate strong and secure passwords. Always make sure you frequently change your pattern and PIN and forget.

Beware of Phishing emails

While in a group or WhatsApp Business inbox, a doxxer may send you a phishing email to trick you into sharing your sensitive information. Most social engineering snoops use this trick to acquire your bank details, physical addresses, and medical records. Do not disclose your information at all. Instead, contact your service provider or institution immediately.

Use Different emails for other Social Media Platforms

The email you use on WhatsApp should be specifically not used anywhere. Why? Whatsapp Messenger uses your Google Drive for backup, attached to your email. Backed-up information is encrypted and remains in Drive unless you delete it. If a doxxer accesses your email away from Whatsapp, they might use the backed-up information against you.

Can You Get Doxxed on Whatsapp if you have a VPN

Yes, you can. A VPN protects your data in transit across the internet or WiFi. But doxxing on WhatsApp can happen right where you stand with your smartphone. Your relative, soulmate, or colleague may cram your pattern and access your account without consent. A hacker or stalker may also mine your information in publicly available information. For instance, your boyfriend may have access to your email, and with two-step verification, they might install Whatsapp, log you in and retrieve backed-up data for their use.

Why is it Bad to Get Doxxed on WhatsApp?

Doxxing on WhatsApp places a victim in danger, shame, psychological trauma, and loss of dignity. When doxxed, your attackers (might) publish a lot of information about you, including;

  • Real names
  • Phone number(s)
  • Physical addresses
  • Employees / Employer
  • Debit and credit card numbers
  • Mobile banking details like PIN and ATM numbers
  • Confidential media like photos, videos, and audio


You can always minimize the chances of falling victim to doxxing on WhatsApp. Try hard always to avoid spammy links in your inbox and groups. Strangers can collect your confidential information if you accept to key in your information whenever prompted.

Remember to avoid sharing personal information. You should log out immediately after using WhatsApp web on your PC. If you don’t want to, change your QR code instantly.