Most Successful Anonymous Blogs

Have you ever imagined who runs the successful anonymous blogs and the pros and cons of anonymity blogging? We have all the answers. Have a look.

Imposter syndrome flushes one's brain with social phobia anytime you decide to put yourself out. The human brain functions in such a way that it loves appreciation, but a single take of criticism, dislike, or disagreement can lead to the buzz of headaches and overthinking.

To avoid this dilemma of social phobia and being judged in an unbiased manner, many people blog or put themselves on the internet without identity or as anonymous. People also hide their identity when publishing and writing on controversial and sensitive topics such as political, revolutionary, and dissident, etc.
For some people, it's not about imposter syndrome, but they avoid being in the limelight. Most of them care more about their privacy and right to lead a life as they see fit.

Choosing anonymity may seem unusual and bizarre when everyone wants to be in the public eye, headlines, and fame. People worldwide make the most successful anonymous blogs without disclosing their identity in various niches.

What are some Successful Anonymous Blogs?

When blogs have excellent content, they rock. If your content is solution-oriented and exciting, readers and visitors forget who you are. They later develop an interest in who you are, how you live, and why are you doing this all?

Several successful anonymous blogs are published without identity. For years they were getting unique content from unknown writers. These blogs were attracting visitors daily.

Do you want to know which were the most successful anonymous blogs and who was behind them?

We have already written about the 8 famous anonymous blogs, covering their niches to their owners' specifications.

What constitutes a successful anonymous blog?

You might be making up your mind and interest in blogging with an anonymous profile, and it's entirely feasible in this advanced world. This method could provide a great way to hold back your life and career space private. Pick a unique pseudonym for your site according to your choices.

Some characteristics of a popular anonymous blog include:

Freedom to speak & write

You can pen down your favorite topic without mentioning your name. This is one of the good advantages of anonymity. You kill the fear of getting noticed. Sometimes you want to share several personal experiences, but you feel defenseless due to public reactions and judgments. There are several internal restrictions to overcome.

Family members and parents can also bind you not to discuss several critical topics. But you can apply this hack by hiding your identity and spreading the message you want through words. Anonymous blogging allows a person to cover different subjects that interest him without fear of retribution.

Escaping the judgments

As written earlier, anonymous blogging provides an opportunity for freedom to speak and write. With a hidden identity, you can cover taboo and sensitive topics. This tactic assists you in sharing your views without revealing your identity.

You shouldn't worry about the public reactions or consequences that can cause problems. It would be best to use an anonymous persona to avoid personal threats, such as harassment, online bullying, and blackmail.

Staying antisocial

A major perk of running an anonymous blog is remaining antisocial. This type of blogging gives you the ability to pen down without any internal and external pressures. With your valuable knowledge about your niche, you can avoid people contacting you.

Your niche can be about any subject, where you can share knowledge without affecting your profession and life.

Why do people blog anonymously?

Privacy comes first

The dividing line between a person's personal and work life is significant to many people. Having a successful anonymous blog allows you to write and talk about things you are passionate about without affecting your professional life.

Social phobia

Assuming what others think about us always limits us. Having successful anonymous blogs can let us write on our desired subject. This doesn't require the approval of others.

Handling controversy

You want to avoid controversy, but your interest elevates in a topic that needs a highlight. The issue can be political, educational, religious, or any off-the-field case. You could author it as anonymous if it's sparking a controversy but talking about it was necessary.

Pursuing hobby

If you love to write about some of your favorite topics, but you are scared that people may find you. So why not do this secretly without telling others to know. Feel free to write about your choices. Your nearby people won't discover you.

Avoiding media

Anonymity is also helpful for those already in the glare of publicity. These people want to avoid distractions so they can focus on their work. If you have made a name in a field and want to join a new venture, you can keep your blog anonymous until you feel it's the right time to show up.

Platforms for anonymous blogging

Now, if you have tightened your belt for anonymous blogging and are now searching and worrying about platforms, stop Worrying. We got your back. It doesn't matter whether your opinions are controversial or you wish not to get noticed. There are ways to blog anonymously.

Here are the best platforms you can bring to use for your anonymous blogging.


Unlike other platforms in this list, Notepin's main advantage is posting images and videos. Your Notepin URL includes your username. You can create, write and publish pictures of whatever you want.

It is an extremely friendly user platform for every blogger who can write and publish their content without any hassle. Users can blog anonymously by setting their profile with free signup. Users can publish various content, including blog posts, short reports, and articles.

The user interface is similar to the medium of the telegraph. You are not required to sign up through any Google account. You can press the publish button, and you will post your content anonymously.

For anonymous bloggers, is another platform without any requirement of any user signup. Just write what's on your mind and hit the publish button. The site is cookie-free, and tracking of ads isn't performed. Txt.Fi is far more accessible, less complicated, and faster. It's suitable for short tweets and stories.


The content management system (CMS), WordPress, provides an option for creating anonymous blogs. It's also easy to use and easy compared to other blogging platforms. WordPress can help you in anonymous blogging and help you discover by Google without showing your identity. For WordPress, you must have to register a domain and hosting.


Lyfster allows publishing your short sayings, texts, and images, an app built with both anonymous and user name options.


The tagline "Get it off your chest" Vent allows users to post random thoughts to serious posts regarding various issues. It's a mobile phone app made for both ios and android users. Vent requires an email for verification which is only visible to you. The posts of the Vent aren't indexed in Google.


The platform Viyaga claims to be the 100% anonymous platform. It does not require any signup, and you can publish posts in one go. Any user who desires to share their feelings, concerns or ideas can share them without judgment or labels. The app creators think Viyaga can help in breaking communication barriers and stigmatization.

Using the site is very simple: it is a free online journal that allows you to give your writing a name and set a password (so you can edit your writing later on).

Now we come to making money with anonymous blogging. Because why not get paid by doing what you love, right?

How to make money with anonymous blogging?

If you are thinking, do these most successful anonymous blogs make money? YES! They do. There are specific ways, although limited, that can still make money anonymously.

Your blog can be very profitable by showing ads from Google. To do this, you need your domain and hosting. Choose an anonymous pen name for making a website. If you get more visitors, your earning potential is high. Make sure to read Google ads guidelines.

Affiliate marketing

Accomplished anonymous bloggers can also use this method by selling other people's products. You get a cut of the sale when your referred product sells. You can do affiliate marketing on your anonymous blog for different companies like Amazon, the most famous and legit.

Selling digital products

You can sell online courses or digital products via your blog. If you talk primarily about educational content, you can sell courses on different learning platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, etc. It's most beneficial to sell digital products related to your niche.

This method will help you build authority. Make sure to have value-adding content on your site.

Do authors of successful anonymous blogs remain anonymous?

Are you wondering if your anonymity will be revealed after getting fame? Many successful anonymous blog owners remain unidentified, but they are still discovered or show up. Many blogs generate good revenue anonymously, reflecting that there is nothing wrong with anonymous blogging.

Some creators work when outperforming reveals their identity. This situation makes them bring into public and are also contacted for brand promotions because they are the people who attract massive traffic to their blog sites.

Our previous post covered the real owners of the 8 famous anonymous blogs and why they revealed their identities.

What are the risks of anonymous blogs?

Like everything comes with pros and cons, anonymous blogs too have a few drawbacks only if you’re diving in anonymous blogging with bad intentions.

Lawfulness issues

If you're thinking of starting an anonymous blog to spam others or share sensitive content, refrain from this idea. Being abusive to someone while being anonymous is an illegal act. It won't be challenging to find you out.

Spreading false information

If you are thinking of spreading lies, don't think about having successful blogging. People read blogs for various reasons - to be entertained, informed, and stay in the loop with events around the world. If someone catches you, they can report your site to higher authorities.

Anyhow, if you are running a fictional/story blog for fun, you can write your own story. Make sure to give a disclaimer of not being offensive content and is for the sole purpose of entertainment.


When sites have incorrect information, people do not check them. This view doesn't make the readers confident because they aren't sure you are proving to be the right source or not. Most visitors check several pages such as about us and privacy policy.

These pages prove and show who they are, their story, and policies. Unlike when you haven't established a site for a long time, the traffic doesn't trust.

Be ready for critics.

Blogs are for interaction. People can disagree, object and criticize you. However, you won't fit if you are not ready to take criticism and respond in debased language. Never bring the advantage of your anonymity by lashing back to your readers.

From counter-response, you won't be able to handle it. This matter can lead to the interruption of your site. Make sure you are ready to settle the dispute.

Short of time

If you are not frequent and can't handle your blog alongside your 9 to 5 or business, blogging isn't for you. You have to dedicate time to it, and being frequent is the key to success. Whether anonymous blog or known blog, you have to publish scheduled content.

Harmful content

If you are writing and publishing your content anonymously to harm people with their beliefs, fear, and ethnicity, stop whatever you are publishing. The visitor to your post might be from different races, gender, culture, and religion. Your posts can go against his teachings.


Whatever you decide either to start a blog like the most successful anonymous blogs or similar to known blogs, it merely depends on you. Keep in mind that do not ever go with the wrong intentions, such as doxxing, hurting, and abusing. Make sure to have a vigilant eye check on your privacy.

Lastly, it doesn't matter that you are hiding your identity; they will still judge your website if it's slow, ugly, or poorly written just because it's anonymous.