Privacy settings on Discord

Keep the trespassers out of your social territory. These privacy settings will help you protect your Discord stream.

Are you a gamer wolf; looking out for your pack? Whether you own a server or you’re looking out for one of the cubs on your channel; take a look at how to keep the trespassers out of your territory. These privacy settings will help you protect your Discord stream.

The Discord platform is one of the most popular dens for all gamer hounds out there. It is one of the most flooded online communication tools and digital content platforms. It has attracted over 150 million users monthly since its launch in 2016. It hosts voice calls, instant messaging, and other forms of media enabling users to communicate with friends and online communities. Its use is not only limited to gamers, however; Discord has announced that it can be used for students, or for friends to simply hang out and discuss themes on their channels.

Don't use the same password that you use for other services when creating a password for Discord. Instead, pick a strong, unique password.

Think about using a VPN. Your IP address indicates where and who you are. By using a VPN, you can change your IP address to appear as though you are in another country, and your personal information will no longer be visible.

Here are some privacy options in Discord with visual guides, as well as some practical advice on how to use them.

Control the privacy of your data

Discord's privacy settings, found under privacy and safety, should be checked and updated regularly to keep spammers on their toes. Keeping an eye on your Discord privacy settings can also help prevent you from getting doxxed on Discord. To do this, go to the Settings tab, then go ahead and click on the Privacy & Safety tab. Consider changing your privacy settings to match these guidelines for the most effective security. Depending on how your data is stored and used, you can opt in or out.

Open your privacy safety settings in Discord by tapping on your profile image in the bottom right hand corner. Swipe the toggle feature to enable or disable privacy and safety options.

(As you can see you can toggle how much control you wish to have in protecting your experience.)

The Server Privacy Defaults

You can also use the toggle feature underneath the server privacy defaults. The toggle feature allows direct messages from members of the server by scrolling down.

When you join a server, a new setting is applied. It is important to note that the changes are not activated spontaneously or retroactively for each new server! If you toggle the Allow direct messages from server members you will only receive messages from people found on your own server, not anyone else's.

Select who can send friend requests

The Keep me safe tab, allows you to customize who can access your direct messages. The options are colour coded for levels of security; a bit like traffic lights.

Green is the safest option followed by yellow as medium and red being the riskier option, if you like to live on the edge.

Set the Keep me safe function to scan and delete any direct messages you receive that contain explicit media content.

Direct messages can be sent to anyone you choose. You do this by clicking on the ALL tab, located at the top-end corner of the Discord screen. Then you choose which contact you wish to DM from your friends list. You then tap on the message button which is found in a white chat bubble. Discord automatically scans and deletes explicit direct messages you receive this way.

Disable the Everyone option. By disabling this setting strangers will not be able to add you as a friend.Usually you add a person by seeing their name on a server, right-clicking it and clicking profile and pressing a green button which reads send friend request.

You can also alter the server privacy defaults by disabling the Allow direct messages from server members option. By disabling this setting strangers will not be able to directly message you. You can select who can add me as a friend from the dropdown menus.

You have the option to select Everyone, Friends or Friends and Server Members. These settings selections are saved automatically. You won’t have to keep setting them once they’re completed.

Keep those scavengers away from your pack, by implementing the settings you wish.

Block that hound!

Had enough of those trespassers entering your territory? Block the spammers now. At the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, tap the Friends icon in the Discord app. This will lead to your friends list. In the top corner tap the Blocked tab next to block a user.

You can also unblock someone by locating their profile then tapping the Unblock option tab.

The Notorious Two-Factor Authentication tool

Create an extra layer of security for your Discord account right now. Tap the Discord logo in the bottom right corner to open these settings. Then tap Authentication.

As the image(s) below demonstrates, when you tap Enable Two-Factor Authentication, you will be prompted to download an authentication app. Navigate to your my account section first to access this feature. You will also need to make sure that your email has been verified before you can use the authentication app.

You will be prompted to enter your account password. Next you will be instructed to download the authentication application. You will then scan the QR code using the app, the app can also be found in the Windows store. Select Next, then open the app and enter the QR code into the small tab which you are presented with and press activate.

This will then give you options for SMS authentication, and the ability to download backup codes just in case you lose your account. These back-up codes will grant you access back into your account at a later date.

Stop the Spam; MEE6 Free Auto anti-spam tools

An additional step that can be taken is to use an automated bot, like the MEE6 automated anti-spam Bot. It helps you with tasks like moderation and is used as an additional step to help you filter out spam. This is a free resource and can be found on

This incredible tool can be used for Discord and helps to prevent spam on your discord servers by creating automated tasks.

To prevent people from spamming your discord server from curse words, bad media, broken links or a flood of annoying emojis, or anything like that; you can use this bot.

Likewise, you can use it to prevent spam. All you need to do is enter under utilities and management and find the moderator function; it might be greyed out. Now you can go ahead and select your preferences once you have the moderator plug-in.

You only need to select the settings. You can enable features such as shown in the image above. You can prevent excessive usage of spoilers, filter words you don't want; or stop shady external links.

Cross line is a bot that is programmed and used inside the Discord system. It has advanced moderation tools. It makes filtering out content more streamlined.You first need to add this bot to your Discord. The tool can be found here

The Crosslink server plugin can be installed by clicking the associated image or by clicking here. The bot will appear with a prompt asking you to choose a server. A number of permissions are required at this point.

From there, you can send messages, manage messages, or embed links. Emojis can be added as well as reactions. The bot requires these permissions to function properly.

Crosslink's 'Inherit Discord permissions' feature is one of its most powerful configuration options. When a user posts a link, this option reads the permissions he or she has within the channel. With this option, two permissions are taken into consideration: the 'Embed links' permission, which when disabled deletes any links posted, and the 'Attach files' permission, which when disabled deletes any links to files posted.

Crosslink also detects spam links and acts as an antivirus checking all kinds of media.

If you want to learn more how to keep the hunters out of your territory and protect your pack;  you can learn more here; How to prevent getting Doxxed on Discord.