Should I Use My Real Name on Twitter?

Making a Twitter handle is easier than it sounds, especially when it comes to choosing a name. Read this guide to know if you should use your real name on Twitter or not?

Breaking the myth, Twitter is not just for celebrities and politicians. It's for anyone who loves sharing opinions and raising a voice which we call "tweet" in our language. Compared to Google and Linkedin, Twitter is much simpler, easy to use, and user-friendly. Twitter doesn't limit users with their account restrictions. One of the common questions people ask when making their account is, "should I use my real name on Twitter?"

If you're in the same boat and seeking the right answer, you'll be glad to know that you don't have to use your real name while making an account on Twitter. There are hundreds and thousands of Twitter handles that run on fake names. Some accounts also run on random numbers, or pseudonyms, and Twitter is okay with that.

Also, it is observed that many people use Twitter for lurking and spamming other Twitter profiles. However, these are mostly profiles with fake names, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're there for that purpose too. This means you can make a Twitter account without using your real name. Just make sure you're not there to spam other tweets and disturb the platform's policies.

Another common reason why most people don't use their real name on Twitter is that they want to access multiple accounts with different names. And the best part is Twitter can't even recognize that neither it has a problem with it. Whether you're using Twitter as your first name or want to study this platform better, doing a small share of homework to make sure you're on the right track doesn't hurt.

Why Should I Not Use My Real Name On Twitter?

Honestly speaking, no one knows all about Twitter, so it's okay to get used to the platform if you're a new kid on the block and doubt if you should use your real name on Twitter.

Twitter is a relaxed place where people from all around the clock come together. They share their thoughts, links, memes, and much more in the form of tweets. It helps you stay connected as you can share up to 2400 tweets in one day and stay up-to-date with the trends as well.

Whenever a person tweets, anyone in the person's connection can see the tweet under their account name. Whether you make a Twitter account by real name or fake name, it won't affect your tweet visibility.

The reason why people don't prefer using their real name on Twitter is that their username doesn't hold much importance unless you're representing a notable personality and want to gain authority on this platform.

Is It Safe To Use My Real Name On Twitter?

Although Twitter doesn't restrict its users from using their real name, you can still choose to use your real name and hope it's safe there.

From Malala to Trump, every big name is on Twitter. These big names attract netizens to come, follow and retweet their tweets. You can use your real name on Twitter if you want to promote yourself, your services, or create a personal brand.

However, if you wish to keep your opinions anonymous or want to make tweets that may harm your personal reputation or your business, then you might want to go as an anonymous user.

If you wish to go as an anonymous user then be sure to not add any information about yourself. Do not connect your Twitter account to Facebook or other social media app if you are using your real name there.

If you wish to go on the platform with these intentions, then it's not safe to use your real name on Twitter as it's always a risk to your personal reputation, brand image, business, etc.

How to Choose a Good Twitter Username?

Whether you use your real name or fake name on Twitter, your username will be your identity for which you'll be known.

Therefore, the best practice is to consider a few things to make sure you're choosing a good Twitter name for your handle.

1. Choose a name that is unique, not used before, and resembles your name. However, you can add an adjective or prefix before your real name to hide your identity and keep the name generic.

2. You can make a Twitter account with the same name used on different social media channels, but it should not completely reveal your real name.

3. Twitter also allows its users to use their company or business name if there are no slurs included and you run the account yourself.

4. To sound engaging, you can also use any of your nicknames that do not look scammy to other Twitter pals and is friendly plus accessible.

5. Whichever name you choose, a good rule of thumb is to keep it short, so your account handle doesn't sound scammy. However, Twitter suggests 15 characters at maximum, but you can always use short names that are easy to reach by your Twitter pals.

How can I Change My Twitter Username?

If you used your real name while making your Twitter account but want to change it now to a fake one, here's an easy way to do that.

  1. Log in to your Twitter account and click the option of "settings" present at the bottom.
  2. Next, go to your existing username and select the country from which you're using the account.
  3. Enter your current username and then your new username in the empty spaces.
  4. Once done, click on done to save the new page and refresh your homepage to access an account with a different name.

Make sure the new name you choose has not been used earlier on Twitter and hides your identity.

How Does Twitter Know My Real Name?

As said before, Twitter doesn't use any approach to identify real or fake names used on the platform. So it won't make a difference whether you use a real name or a fake name.

I'm A Business Owner. Should I Use My Real Name On Twitter?

Simply put, Twitter displays the name of its users on top of their profiles. When you tweet, your name appears above your tweet, so your followers can easily identify you by recognizing your name.

As a business owner, you can use your real name on Twitter if you're ready to disclose your real personal info on this public platform.

The decision to use a real name on Twitter might ground you around some fears. But you can make effective use of Twitter to expand your reach for your business.

Can I only Use My First Name On Twitter?

If you've decided to use your real name on Twitter, you can use your first name. But, it's better to combine it with another word such as an adjective or suffix to complete the 15 character limit.

What Happens If I Use An Alias or Pseudonym On Twitter?

Nothing happens; Twitter doesn't take action if the user uses an alias or pseudonym instead of a real name to make an account.

Also, you can alias on Twitter as the platform doesn't prevent its users from hiding their real name. If you use a fake name while making the account, Twitter won't block or ban your account as other notable social media platforms do.


Twitter displays all the names by a "@," so your username will appear as @johnsmith. Therefore, the username you choose must contain uppercase and lowercase letters without slurs, as only then will your account be accepted and approved by Twitter.

Once you've made your account on Twitter, it's important to keep things simple and kick off any possible problems by reading more useful guides on it.

Here's another helpful guide by the name of how to avoid getting doxed on Twitter so you can always be safe when using this public platform.