Can You Get Doxxed On Among Us?

A real threat exists in the form of doxxing. Find out what to do after getting doxxed on the game Among Us.

Gamers geeks get fed up by playing one game several times. The constant quest for new games is never-ending for them. And if you are a game-horse, then definitely you would know about Among Us.

The game became popular among the gaming community during the covid pandemic and was updated with new features to entertain the gaming community. Alongside other big video games, Among Us also took space in different PCs.

The game also bagged popularity when famous influencers like PewDiePie, Chance Morris, James Charles, and Samuel de Luque Batuecas streamed live with millions of people.

What does doxxing on Among Us seem like?

You might have received several messages to your Among Us gaming account from a fake celebrity account inviting you to play a game in their circuit. If not, you might have received a message from a random person to participate in their multiplayer competition to win big cash prizes and gift hampers.

If these two aren’t the cases, your friends might be getting messages from your account that you haven’t sent. And several more spam messages. These all cases take your mind towards doxxing. You get worried about your account and the data attached to it. Your privacy might be breached by anyone, or you might get to court without doing anything.

Many gamers on Among Us noticed a recent case: getting unlimited spam messages on their screens to subscribe to an anonymous channel named Eris Lorris running a campaign for a government official. It was terrifying, which led to the quick action of the Among Us server team.

How is doxxing performed on Among Us?

Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and several other platforms are victims of doxxing. You can also get doxxed on Among Us. Your account is mostly under observation when you are active in your community. You are also under the threat of people who can dox you because of the level of your account.

Hackers can use your account credentials by spamming into other accounts with your identity. Any jackleg can steal your personal information, bank account, email address, and other data you entered the moment you created your account.

Any anonymous person can build up a new account through your identity and spam into other gamers' communities and inboxes. Such unknown people can ask for money transfers, invitations to scams, and other communities. Anyone who notices your name instantly accepts and gets into the trap, believing it's you.

How can you avoid doxxing?

Doxxing can be dangerous and can put you in hot water. Here are a few steps to avoid doxxing:

Don’t over engage

Everyone needs a good gaming level, and it comes when you engage with the communities and other players. But this can harm you too, in the form of being doxxed. You are getting noticed by some suspicious people that can damage your identity.

Your account leveling is under check, and any hacker or doxxed can use your username and credentials for any mischievous activities.

Account Privacy

Privacy comes prior to everything. Your account privacy is the foremost thing to consider while avoiding doxxing. Don’t involve and connect everyone to your account who you can’t trust. Furthermore, don’t share your account viewership on social platforms.

Restrict personal information

Although it might seem strange, the reality is that doxxing is everywhere. Refrain yourself from uploading your personal info such as identity card, date of birth, city, age, gender, etc. You can pick some random info to create an account.

Use a VPN

Using a virtual private network is the best strategy you can apply. VPN helps you in shielding your data. Whenever you log in, your IP address gets changed. With this method, hackers can’t locate your IP address.

Choosing an anonymous username

You've likely seen a lot of YouTubers in the gaming niche with anonymity. The prime reason is to avoid the social tight spot. We all have seen many prominent brand YouTubers getting their accounts hacked and doxxed. It's better to have an anonymous name in the social circle of gaming platforms.

Block phishing emails

You might get messages and emails into your inbox with the title of some famous personality asking you to participate in games. But the catch is, they ask you to transfer money. They will try to entangle you in big cash prize rewards and gifts. Do not get trapped!

Use 2FA

Most people ignore the importance of 2-factor authentication. But they are essential when it comes to doxxing. Anyone who makes it into your account must go through 2FA, where most people fail. Try to apply 2-factor solid authentication.

Use different email addresses

Why are you using only one email address for everything? What if someone hacks it? All of your data and linked accounts will be gone. You can level up your privacy by creating different emails for different platforms.

You can use a different email for gaming platforms and a different one for your personal space. At least try to have three separate emails.

What user name should I choose to play?

You would have observed that many doxxing issues arise due to usernames. Even the pro players on Twitch, YouTube, and other big gaming platforms don't use their actual usernames. This is all to avoid privacy and doxxing situations. Additionally, they also make it clear that no one would receive any sort of messages from their side.

It will also be best for you to have an anonymous name and pick anonymous information while creating your account. Another good practice of refraining from secrecy is to have a Discord server. You can add your friends to it. This is best practice these days to have a personal Discord server.

But also be careful; people on Discord also become victims of doxxing.

What should I do after being doxxed on Among Us?

If you get doxxed on Among Us, you are definitely at risk. If this happens, you should contact the support team. Email them in an instant to pause your account. The other instant step you can take is to remove all of your connected bank account or a credit card.

Spread the message with your friends and tell them to spread further so that it won't be from your side if anyone gets a message. Also, disconnect any social media platform you have connected because they will also get there.

If the case is worsening, report to cybercrime agencies.

How Among Us Developers Are Preventing Doxxing?

The spam attack, also known as the Eris Loris spam, cautioned the developers of InnerSloth (the creators of Among US). The server went down on maintenance, and Inner Sloth also tweeted the news from their official account. The developers from Inner Sloth are trying to make several shields to protect everyone from getting doxed.

Also, it's recommended from their side to have the best security practices, and if you are a current Among Us gamer, you shouldn't forget about the authentication of your account. Spams happen anytime, and hackers can attack any server.


Before anything happens to your account and you get doxxed on Among Us, you must make sure to have the best privacy practices and follow all the steps as mentioned. Doxxing is real, on every platform, not only on Among Us. Take care of your bank, and personal details that you think are sensitive. After that, have fun playing.