Can You Get Doxxed on League of Legends?

League of Legends (LoL) is as addictive as any other online gaming. Beware of doxxers who might misuse what you share as you play. You can get doxxed anytime.

Can you get doxxed on League of Legends (LoL)? Have you ever been doxxed elsewhere? Were you almost doxxed? Are you already a LoL doxxing victim? It feels so bad.

Doxxing, especially on online gaming platforms, is real. But there are ways you can place checks and balances to avoid getting doxxed. These techniques wholly depend on your vigilance. You will realize you always ensnare yourself in these online avenues.

The world is a global village. You interact with the bad and good guys. It can be intentional or unknowingly. You fill in blank forms and submit them online to the world.

How many games have you signed in to? Do you ever wonder who checks your location, next of kin, addresses, among other personal information?

Read on to discover the League of Legends doxxing turrets and inhibitors.

How can you get doxxed on League of Legends?

"Hi, to the person who dox'ed my wife in the League of Legends game, posting her name/location/personal information in the game, and then threatened to "do something after the game" - I have reported the game logs to @riotgames / @RiotSupport - also contacted police to follow up," Nick Bunyun's tweeted on June 25, 2020.

Have you been wondering how doxxers get your information? Read on.

A legal username carries many of your details; physical address, family members, place of residence, financial records, etc. A doxxer can use your username to acquire more of your information from data brokers and government agencies. The WhoIs lookup reveals a lot about most online enthusiasts too.

When the information is available, they use it for their malice. They can socially engineer others with it, swat you, hack your LoL account to claim rewards, and so on.

A doxxer can create forms and online surveys with embedded links. These links usually redirect to malware and related sites. Filling in surveys is like unintentionally surrendering your details. You will realize at the eleventh hour.

Doxxers are smart enough to compile them and establish a pool of decisions on what they can do to you. A doxxer can hack your LoL account to participate in the game, guess passwords to your financial records, swatting, etc.

IP address spoofing

Usually, happen when you connect to an insecure public wifi network. You will log into LoL and play. But a malicious doxxer takes advantage to intercept and determine your location and much more.

By the way, a doxxer can be a fellow summoner in the UK, your girlfriend in the room, you understand? This /u/Phlashpoint Redditor was doxxed this way.

Social engineering

Online gaming street brilliant ninjas can trap you to their premium offers. Reportedly, some LoL account boosters were recently unmasked. They used the L#, the LoL scripting site, to con gamers. Who doesn't accept an offer to inflate their skill rating? That's how the doxxers collected a considerable sum of money from gamers.

Instances of League of Legends Doxxing

Doxxing happens to almost anyone unless you have learned how to avoid it. LoL, gamers are a global group of enthusiasts. Some have malicious intentions;

1.   This gamer reported how they were doxxed on Reddit.

/u/stuckontheeastcoast, “I was just successfully bullied off of league... my support was a troll and had a friend playing with them. They were stealing CS, and I asked if they could please stop, and then when our JG offered a FF I said “yeah, my support is a troll,” having taken a non-supp item and purchased two of the same base items. They literally went into ALL and started saying “report bot, they’re racist.” I never said one damn thing other than that they were trolling and they proceeded to continue saying I was racist. I took all screencaps but with cancel culture, this isn’t even funny. This can get someone fired in an instant. Please don’t do this. I legitimately had to walk away from my game in tears scared I’m going to get doxxed. I took screencaps to show I never said anything but still the panic attack wasn’t worth it. Please don’t do stuff like this. Please! Racism isn’t a joke, to begin with, don’t try and demean it by doing stupid stuff like this.”

2.   A LoL player once admitted that they have been swatting gamers. They stalked and targeted the US and Canadian gamers. He also claimed to have shut down Space Mountain twice.  

3.  A data breach that targeted North American LoL gamers hit hard. Riot Games confirmed the breach and admitted that many LoL enthusiasts’ details were stolen; salted and hashed passwords, transactional records, email ids, usernames, etc.

How to avoid getting doxxed on League of Legends

1. Use strong passwords

A brute force attack technique is used to crack passwords and other log-ins to an account. But it’s based on trial and error. So with a strong password, you can make a doxxer climb up a slippery slope. You can opt to use a password generator, and there are lots of them. Use alphanumeric passwords of at least eight characters.

2. Beware of social engineering

Social engineering involves conning gamers. You are lured into buying discounted power-ups, loyalty bonuses, hacks, etc. Think twice when the deal is too good- it’s common sense. Yet most gamers fall victim. Unless LoL and its partners announced in their official pages and email, you should not subscribe to random offers.  

3. Use a strong and trusted VPN

VPN protects and secures your account, transactions, and general online presence. What happens behind the screen as you play games is unknown until the malice is launched. You never expect a doxxer to send a memo.

With VPNs like Nord Secure, Torguard, etc., you can get rid of doxxers. Stream the games online at your pleasure while the tools take care of the protection. You can use free or premium tools.

Malicious doxxers wrap spamware links in sweet messages and offers. They are used to collect your data, try finding passwords to your account, send Trojans to your PC, etc.; that’s why you should normalize using unique passwords for every account apart from LoL.

5. Use burner usernames

Your legal/real name is a virtual ‘you.’ Your email does not necessarily have to bear any of your real names. LoL does not intimidate you into using any of your real names as your summoner, either. Burner usernames and emails reduce the chances of identity theft that may eventually lead to doxxing.

Conclusion: Can you get doxxed on League of Legends?

Doxxing is real as long as you’re present online. League of Legends streamers is a group of good and bad guys. Some summoners have been doxxed before. Most of the ways of doxxing in gaming and elsewhere are almost similar. And still, there are simple ways to mitigate them, as detailed above. We’ve covered most of them on our page.